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jobs in emirates : Chief Medical Officer - Fursaty Careers/Learn to B HR Consultancy

jobs in emirates Chief Medical Officer - Fursaty Careers/Learn to B HR Consultancy

description :jobs in emirates Chief Medical Officer - Fursaty Careers/Learn to B HR Consultancy

Planning and Forecasting:

  • Liaise with medical department heads to work on the hospital's medical strategic plans (short or long-term).
  • Establishes periodic budgets for hospital-wide medical operations.
  • Plans of medical activities contribute to the goals, mission, and vision of Hospital
  •  Group.


  • Organizes all medical materials, facilities, personnel, and other resources necessary to run the hospital from the medical and clinical point of view in collaboration with the Director of Clinical Services.


  • Supervises all hospital-wide medical/clinical activities by conducting ocular inspections (or making departmental visits) and receiving endorsements or regular reports from the medical department heads.
  • Issues medical directives necessary to carry out daily clinical activities.
  • Establish new or modification of medical policies and procedures in the objective of improving the system in collaboration with the T.Q.M. Manager and Chairmen of other hospital-wide committees.


  • Ensures hospital-wide medical and clinical policies and procedures are in place for reference.
  • Monitors hospital-wide medical/clinical activities ensuring high-quality services including correction of errors to avoid repetition of the same medical/clinical mistakes.
  • Utilizes effectively all the resources such as manpower, finance, materials, physical facilities, and space to ensure efficient results, well-balanced work, and a safe environment for healthcare providers.
  • Actively participates with hospital-wide Committees to formulate medical rules and regulations; policies and procedures making sure implementation is effectively carried out by all medical staff in collaboration with T.Q.M. Manager and Committee Chairmen.
  • Establishes a good system for the careful, economical, and efficient utilization of resources.
  • Develops adequate controls and chairs the Medical Records Committee to maintain accurate patients’ records; prevent fraudulent events, and preserve confidentiality of patients’ information.
  • Responsible for approving purchases of medical equipment and materials supported with feasibility studies ensuring acquisition within the standards and delivery time agreed including but not limited to proper utilization and expected revenue outcome.
  • Leads the Disaster Committee (Medical side) to prevent and cope with disasters, fire, theft, etc.


  • Makes unbiased decisions for the benefit of the whole organization (both employer and employees).
  • Represents the higher management in coordination with the Director of Clinical Services in all its medical/clinical-related undertakings and reports appropriate information to them for full awareness. 
  • Takes decisions for any medical issues in consultation with the Chief Operating Officer for any administrative-related issues.
  • Acts on hospital compliance with all government rules and regulations relating to medical practices; legal and ethical concerns; and other statutory requirements in collaboration with the Director of Legal and Government Affairs.
  • Decide on salary structure, other staff benefits, costs, and service fees of medical/clinical concerns in collaboration with the Chief Operating Officer.


  • Conducts Management Business Objective (MBO) reporting on medical-related issues. Reports to include: results of overall medical operational performance supported by major accomplishments during the period covered; and pre-planned targets for the next period.
  • Reports to the Higher Management (Group Director for Clinical Services and Vice President in particular) all medical issues including consultations and decision-making.
  • Facilitates daily communications on behalf of the hospital to both internal and external clients regarding medical issues. 
  • Communicates Management’s medical-related decisions, and directives including governing rules and regulations to be followed by medical and clinical staff.
  • Serves as the link between management and healthcare employees to enhance better employer-employee relationships.
  • Attends inter-departmental and departmental meetings to get majority feedback, suggestions, and decisions.
  • Attends to medical/clinical-related activities of the hospital.
  • Provides leadership for quality medical/clinical care through monitoring medical service practices, professional and technical guidance, and working very closely with the T.Q.M. Manager in these respects.


  • Provides the medical department needs for facilities, equipment, furnishings, and medical staffing seeking the approval of the Chief Operating Officer (COO).
  • Conducts indirect marketing efforts through the utilization of personal and business contacts in different community organizations.
  • Work closely with SG hospital’s key officers such as the T.Q.M. Manager, P. C. Director, Medical Department Heads, and Nursing Director for daily activities.
  • Creates a favorable organizational climate within the hospital organization for a smooth flow of work.
  • Resolves medical conflicts.
  • Refers issue to the Chief Operating Officer, if cannot be resolved within his jurisdiction, in which case the decision of the COO shall prevail and be respected.)
  • Promotes medical employee morale boosting and job satisfaction.
  • Coordinates short and long-term plans for the medical side and upon approval by the higher Management directs its implementation to all concerns.


  • Attends (or presides in the absence of COO) the daily Steering Committee Meeting and other administrative meetings scheduled from time to time to assess overall situations.
  • Attends to medical staff and clients' grievances that cannot be resolved within the department level working closely with the Patients’ Relations Department in this respect.
  • Monitors the performance of medical and healthcare providers including its turnover, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of medical services provided.
  • Implements health-related systems and reviews them periodically to improve the professional competence of staff through quality assurance; on-the-job training; continuing education; scientific activities and research; and encouraging health-professional forums publications in collaboration with Academic Affairs and Research Directorate.
  • Evaluate/assess the quality and range of clinical services; diagnostic and treatment facilities; and protocols for efficient patient care.
  • Promotes a positive image of the hospital and establishes good rapport with healthcare agency officials both in government and private sectors.
  • Maintains community healthcare contacts for references.
  • May take over the functions of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) during his absence.
  • Performs other functions that may be designated by the Higher Management to effect efficient service.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2023-10-04
Job Location: United Arab Emirates - Ajman
Job Role: Management
Company Industry: Healthcare, other

Preferred Candidate

Degree: Master's degree

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jobs in emirates , Chief Medical Officer - Fursaty Careers/Learn to B HR Consultancy


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