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jobs in emirates : Senior Recruitment Specialist

jobs in emirates Senior Recruitment Specialist

description :jobs in emirates Senior Recruitment Specialist

We are looking for Senior Recruitment Specialist to join our Human Resources Team. The position will be based in Dubai. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Input into the overall hiring strategy of the organization to ensure our teams consist of a diverse set of qualified individuals. • Ensure the staffing needs of the company are being met, with a long-term talent strategy in mind. • Devise and implement sourcing strategies to build pipelines of potential applicants, such as employer branding initiatives. • Create and implement end-to-end candidate hiring processes to ensure a positive experience. • Form close relationships with hiring managers to ensure clear candidate/interviewer expectations. • Coordinate with hiring managers to identify staffing needs in different areas and departments. • Determine selection criteria for candidates by liaising with managers and other members of staff. • Source applicants through online channels, such as LinkedIn and other professional networks. • Create job descriptions and interview questions that reflect the requirements for each position. • Identify and refine the most suitable talent from available candidates. • Plan interview and selection procedures, including screening calls, assessments, and in-person interviews. • Assess candidates’ information, including C.Vs, portfolios, and references. • Organize and attend job fairs and recruitment events to build a strong candidate pipeline • Keep records of all materials used for recruitment, including interview notes and related paperwork, to share with key stakeholders.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2023-06-22
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Human Resources and Recruitment
Company Industry: Human Resources
Monthly Salary: US $4,000

Preferred Candidate

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jobs in emirates , Senior Recruitment Specialist


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